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For many ambitious individuals, founding and growing a business is a lifelong dream. Being your own boss can be an intoxicating vision, especially when seeing and hearing about risk-taking entrepreneurs who made fortunes on their businesses. The reality, however, is much more complicated. Success begins with having the will, the desire and knowing your why. But smart people realize that personal development, being in a constant state of learning and continuously searching for knowledge are the true keys to success. They seek out the most effective resources, masterminds, seminars, business events and coaches to help them attain and maintain their edge.

The Carter Brothers have developed a series of EXPERIENCES that will enable YOU to do just that. We call our approach the DYS Success Series.

Do you want to move beyond success, to a life of significance? Ready to double your success? Who is this for? These programs are for executives, management, and hungry entrepreneurs such as consultants, life coaches, small business owners, and many more.

DYS Eat, Drink, & Connect

Monthly Networking Events

Eat, Drink, & Connect is a networking event for individuals committed to continuous improvement and advancement both personally and professionally. You will find a community of influencers, power players, founders and up-and-coming professionals that value the power of networking.

3/20, 6/19, 9/18, and 12/4 @ Hungry’s Cafe | 5pm – 7pm

DYS Young Millionaire Series

Quarterly Panel Discussion on Building Millionaires

Are you thinking about becoming your own BOSS? Are you ready to live the life you have always dreamed of? Now is the time to learn in a fun and relaxed environment. Join us for our quarterly panel discussion on building successful businesses.

  • 2/22 – Houston, TX
  • 5/9 – Chicago, IL
  • 8/29 – Washington, DC
  • 10/24 – Atlanta, GA


DYS Success Blueprint Online Training Program

Online Consulting Program

This self-guided course will take you step by step through the eleven proven principles outlined in the Carter Brothers best-selling book “Double Your Success: Principles to Build a Multimillion-Dollar Business.”

@ TheCarterBrothers.com – Apply Today!!

DYS Insiders Club

Live Monthly Coaching Series with The Carter Brothers

This is a rare opportunity to receive live and personal coaching with the Carter Brothers. We will meet two hours a month for an eleven month program that will cover the most essential steps to scaling your business to a multimillion-dollar level.

1st Friday of every month from 10 am – Noon.

DYS Double Your Success Annual Conference

A live 2 ½ day event with The Carter Brothers designed to help you unlock and unleash the forces inside to break through any limit and create the quality of life you desire. You will learn how to increase your business, grow your brand, and improve your leadership skills in this powerhouse event.

April 2021

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