How to Increase Staffing Retention at Your Company by Sterling Staffing Solutions

Is your business a never-ending revolving door for employees? Do feel like you are recruiting, hiring, and training for the same positions over and over again? If you answered with a resounding “yes,” your business needs to make some changes fast. In order to keep good employees happy and working for your company, you need to work on maintaining the retention from within. No longer can you afford to let quality workers go. You need to make a plan that ensures longevity with your company as well as satisfaction with your staff.

Keep Track of the Stats

When you lose employees, it can seem confusing and hopeless to try and fix. Take control and understand why they continually leave. Start tracking the number of employees that leave each month. Is there a pattern? Ask them to complete an exit interview and really dig deep to find out why they chose another employer over yourself. Once you have an understanding of what causes an employee to leave, you can begin to remedy the situation as fast as it is occurring.

Train From Within

Always think about training. Your employees need to continually be challenged and learn from others. By utilizing additional training resources, your employees can become more proficient at their job responsibilities. Many staffers want more responsibility, and by offering a special project to them that they have trained for, you can give them the drive to perform. With constant learning and achieving with your business, your employees will recognize their worth and feel a sense of involvement in the business that you do.

Ask For Employee Referrals

When looking to add to your team, the best source of candidates comes from the employees you already have working for you. You want like-minded individuals working together so getting referrals from your staff can ensure new candidates meshes well with the current corporate culture and employee community. Ask your good employees whom they would recommend for an open position. You may be surprised at how many offer up friends and family that they would be happy to work alongside with, knowing that they share the same work ethic.

Recognize Your Employees

Take some time and recognize your employees for a job well done. Their hard work is appreciated, and they need to know that you value them as part of your company. Showing your workers appreciation and gratitude can go a long way in ensuring they stay with your company. Reward them when they do well with nominal offerings such as catered lunch or small gift. These gestures may seem small to you, but they mean a lot to the employees that receive them. This little bit of recognition can help keep your staff satisfied, engaged, and wanting to work for your business.

Offer Flexibility

Some employees have a tough time adhering to the work schedule that you are currently offering. Flexibility in the hours can make a big difference to many that are bending over backward to make things work in their personal life. Adjust your start times or give employees the choice of hours that work best for them. Many have children to attend to, and early or late hours may not work best for them. This may be the deciding factor for many employees to stay with your business for the long term.

Examine Your Benefits

In addition to your work hours, you will also want to examine your benefits package. Are you offering what your employees truly want? Providing benefits that are not used or are not beneficial to your staff can be a turn-off. Look at the needs of your employee and cater your benefits to them. An adjustment of your current benefit offering can get employees excited about working for you and provide them new opportunities in their personal life that they had not even considered.

Find Out What You Can Do To Help

Above all, you need to open the lines of communication with your staff. Find out what you can do to reduce their stress levels at home and at work. Find out where you can be of assistance and always allow them to come to you when they have questions or concerns. Be proactive and get to know your staff on a personal level. The more they feel a part of the company, the more apt they are to stay and perform well as a result.
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